Rob Sinclair’s Dance with the Enemy

41uKwr+tVcL._SS300_DANCE WITH THE ENEMY is one of those thrillers that hit you in the gut about 20 pages in when you realize that you have something in your hands that you can’t bear to part with!!

Carl Logan seems to be just another washed out, drunk, used up international agent at the dregs of his career with a boss who knows that there’s still a drop of life left in him left to wring out.  And, wring out he does.  Like a rabid dog who won’t let go, Logan who is hated by every one else  in supervision, continues through  twists and turns that even the best thriller reader could never begin to imagine as he is tasked to find the Kidnapped American Attorney General.

We are not talking a few twists, but almost what seems like a major twist per chapter! And, even then, I could not catch my breath and I am really, REALLY GOOD at these things!

I am so excited that Mr. Sinclair has got another book coming out soon.  Please keep your eyes open for RISE OF THE ENEMY, because he is a GENIUS!!

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