Cassel’s has returned!!!

And Iconic Los Angeles Landmark restaurant has returned and it is sensational!  In the Normandie Hotel at Normandie and 6th in Los Angeles, CA it is worth the trip for anyone within 100 miles!!

The New Owners, Christian and Leah have brought back the original equipment and even the had written 70 year old recipes.  I always thought I made the best potato salad in the world, but this is even better than mine!  I do not eat pasta salad, but I scarfed this down and had to have more, and the cole slaw is amazing.  Plus they bring all this on a tray that even includes potato chips!!!

Now, the main event, the burger is PRIME BEEF!! Not choice, but I did say PRIME!  I was overwhelmed.  The special Saturday was a Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup, but I had to have a cheeseburger.. no question.

Then, the PIES.. Leah makes them herself,  and each one is a work of art.  We had the Meyer Lemon and my eyes were rolling and we shared it.  We had lunch at 11:30 am and we set for the day! I made a light snack for dinner about 10 because we were so sated.

Even the signs are original, and they have valet parking which if you validate is only $3.00. I can’t wait to return for another potato salad and burger!!!WP_20150207_014 WP_20150207_013 WP_20150207_012 WP_20150207_011 WP_20150207_010 WP_20150207_009 WP_20150207_008 WP_20150207_007 WP_20150207_006 WP_20150207_005 WP_20150207_004 WP_20150207_003 WP_20150207_002 WP_20150207_001

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